Trevor Miller to Attempt a 24 Hour Wakesurf World Record

As part of the highly anticipated MyWake Global Challenge, Day 1 Wake’s Trevor Miller is going to attempt to become the first athlete to wakesurf for 24 consecutive hours. The ride will be overseen by Guinness World Record officials. The event is set to take place on October 1st at Sparks Marina in Sparks, Nevada.

Trevor Miller, a professional wakesurfer, will be riding behind a Tigé Z3 boat. It’s reported that he has been training for this record-setting attempt for the past 5 months.

The Rules:

In accordance with Guinness World Record policies, in order to accomplish a world record, Miller will need to ride for at least 24 consecutive hours. However, he will accumulate a five minute break for every hour of riding, and falls are permitted. In the instance that Trevor does fall, he will need to resume riding as soon as possible, without delay for an additional break.

For more in depth information on the event and sponsors check out this post by WakeWorld.

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